Hello there!

I’m Audrey. I was born and raised in Las Vegas but now live in the Phoenix area.

I met my lover on a blind date in college. He’s an Arizona boy so we moved here shortly after we were married. Together my husband and I have two beautiful children- a boy and a girl. We love hiking, swimming, trying new restaurants and spending time with one another.

I’ve been shooting photos for about 10 years. For the last 4 years, I have been mentored by Brinkerhoff Photography to shoot full package weddings and together we have shot over 30 weddings a year. I’m grateful for the experience Brinkerhoff Photography has given me and look forward to continuing our partnership.  I’ve learned how to document life’s big events in a beautiful yet authentic way.

Photography is my art and with each photo I take, I  am proud to finalize my work with the personal touch…Love, Audrey